Usually, the stretched ceiling takes the last stage of the finishing works. The installation takes up to a few hours, depending on the area and difficulty of the room. The installation team consists of a few men, there is no danger of staining anything and in most cases the client is not even asked to move the furniture. The technology of installation involves the so-called harpoon method. First the room is being measured accurately. Then a plan of the ceiling is being executed so that problems in case of difficulty can be addressed. The blue print is then sent to our production where the exact size of sail is prepared. On the perimeter of the room, at the point of the desired height, we put a supporting decorative element – profile, made out of aluminum and copper. An edge made up of harder PVC material is then welded onto the perimeter. The cross section has the form of a harpoon. This specific form of the edge profile allows the sail to be connected to the profile. The dimensions of the sail should be 7% less than the dimensions between the walls. Before the installation, the roll of vinyl sail is being heated up gradually to a temperature of 70°С with a hot-air pistol. One end of the sail, with the help of the hook, is being fixed to the supporting profile. The opposite 9diagonal) end of the sail is heated up to 70°С as well. The softened sail is stretched and fixed in the opposite corner as well. The same procedure is repeated for the other two ends of the sail and then is done on the periphery as well. On the places where electrical appliances should be put, special sets are installed. They allow for the lighting fixtures to be placed in as well as ventilation shafts, internal split-systems, smoke detectors, etc. They should be lowered to the level of the stretched ceiling and the openings should be made after the ceiling is already installed. Thus with cooling down to normal room temperature, we end up with a perfectly stretched and leveled surface.
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