What are the advantages of stretched ceilings?
The perfectly leveled sail hides all defects and irregularities of the existing ceiling and improves the acoustics of the space. There is a huge variety of colours and textures which allow printing over them. The Bach stretched ceilings come in a variety of colours and textures and according to the surface effects they are: translucent, matt, satin, metallic, glance, decorative, textile, mirror effect and perforated with up to 10 years guarantee. Their colours do not fade with time, they are water-proof and elastic, light (compared to the gypsum board). They allow you to hide electrical cables, water installation pipes, cables and more. Light fixtures can be installed in the ceilings, as well as heat and ventilation grills, climatization systems, smoke detectors. They are noise-resistant, fire-resistant, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which allows the installation in medical facilities. The ceilings are produced by a thermo-resistant material which can withstand huge thermal changes. They can be formed to a structure resembling an arch or a dome, and the installation is still fast and easy which is the primary advantage to our clients.